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We're a team of robot enthusiasts who understand the frustrations when shopping for robotic products. We created DiditBot because we wanted an easier way to find out which robot helper is right for us; whether it's best suited as a gift or if it's worth waiting until Black Friday next year!

About Us

Don't Settle For One Opinion 

DiditBot is a website that aims to help you find the best robotic vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, pool cleaner and more. We provide unbiased reviews by scanning actual customer reviews on Amazon and other retail sites.

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We're Here To Help

With such an overwhelming range of products and features out there, sometimes it's hard to know which robot will be right for your home. That's where we come in!

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Buy With Confidence

Our team of experts has done all the research for you so you can buy with confidence knowing that our recommendations are backed up by real-life customers like yourself.

A New approach 

to product


Thousands of Reviews in One

Instead of getting the opinion of a single reviewer, who was given the product by the manufacturer. DiditBot scans thousands of reviews from actual customers to compile the most accurate rating.

Unbiased Ranking System

After gathering the details from real customer reviews, DidiBot breaks down the information into rankings that we compare to similar models. This system means you get an unbiased review, not one influenced by the manufacturer or commissions.

Continuous Review Tracking

Once a review is posted, it doesn't mean we're done. To make sure you get the most accurate data, DiditBot continues to scan products to keep our product reviews up to date.

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